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Ten photos from across China: July 31 – Aug 6

Children participate in a fire drill under the guidance of firefighters in Deqing county, Zhejiang province, on July 31, 2020. The fire-themed activity was initiated by the local public security bureau to invite children to experience the daily life of firefighters and educate them about fire safety knowledge and self-protection during summer vacation.[Photo by Wang Zheng/For China Daily]

Visitors at the National Museum of China in Beijing admire a painting featuring builders of temporary hospitals and medical workers, including Zhong Nanshan (center right), a prominent respiratory disease expert, battling COVID-19, on Aug 2, 2020. Zhong has been recommended for a Medal of the Republic for his contributions, officials said on Monday. [Photo by Chen Xiaogen/For China Daily]

A worker renovates a wooden building at Shenyang Palace Museum in Shenyang, Liaoning province, on Aug 5, 2020. The public has been allowed to watch as the museum conducts a new round of preservation work that includes the buildings’ furnishings and paintings. [Photo/China News Service]

Children tour a hangar at the Mogan Mountain airport during summer vacation in Deqing county, Zhejiang province, on Aug 4, 2020. The local government organized the activity for more than 30 children of migrant workers to spark their interest in aviation and enrich their summer break. [Photo by Wang Zheng/For China Daily]

Villagers pick white lotus seed pods in a village in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, on Aug 3, 2020. The Dongxiang district government in Fuzhou is helping lift poor villagers out of poverty by promoting the production of local farm products and fostering local industries. [Photo by HE JIANGHUA/FOR CHINA DAILY]
People cool off at a theme park in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, on Aug 3, 2020 to avoid sweltering summer weather. [Photo/Xinhua]
Farmers drive seeders to transplant rice seedlings in Lu’an, Anhui province, on Aug 2, 2020. To help ease the losses caused by flooding, Party volunteers and local agricultural experts were dispatched to plant crops with farmers. [Photo by CHEN LI/FOR CHINA DAILY]
A snub-nosed monkey interacts with a villager in Yangxian county of Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, on Aug 2, 2020. Located at the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains, the county is home to four precious local species-the panda, the crested ibis, the snub-nosed monkey and the takin. [Photo/Xinhua]

The first mid-course correction of China’s Tianwen 1 Mars probe is seen on a screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on Aug 2, 2020. During the seven-month journey, the probe will make two more course corrections and a deep-space maneuver as it travels to Mars. [Photo/Xinhua]

A child peeks through a window at an exhibit at the 9th China Suzhou Creative& Design Cultural Industry Expo in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on Aug 1, 2020. The exhibition ended on Sunday. [Photo by ZHAI HUIYONG/FOR CHINA DAILY]

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