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Shanghai elevators gain smart alarm system

An intelligent elevator system is to cover all the 270,000 elevators in Shanghai within three months. After scanning a QRcode, passengers can see basic information including production company, maintenance company and the safety manager of the elevator, and most importantly, if being trapped, it will sound the alarm.

For the maintenance personnel, the code provides the functions of data correction, maintenance plan making, rescuing and emergency repair. For trapped passengers, after scanning the code to call for help, they can check the real-time rescue procedure on their mobile phones, which will to some degree ease their anxiety.

According to the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the smart elevator system collects information of elevator use management, inspection, maintenance and supervision for intelligent analysis based on modern technologies like the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence.

Since the trial of this system was launched in June, nearly ten thousand codes have been pasted in the city’s elevators and 50,000 more are to be put up in mid-July.

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