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From April 1st,drawing examination of all projects will be cancelled. Project leader of five parties shall have lifelong responsibility.

Steel structure online yesterday

       Recently, Shenzhen housing and construction bureau  issued 《About to do a good job of the engineering construction drawing examination reform notice》(draft), request the newly built ,expanded or rebuilt housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects within the scope of the municipal administration area to cancel the construction drawing review and to implement the notification  commitment system from April 1st,2020. No administrative license shall be subject to examination of qualified documents.

       This article provides for the implementation of the project leader system. Entrusted by their respective units, the project leaders of the construction units and the survey and design units are fully responsible for the whole process management of the quality and safety of the survey and design of the project, and assume the main responsibility for the quality and safety of the survey and design of the project.        First-tier cities announced the complete cancellation of map review, and specify the specific time and has the demonstration effect to the whole world.

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