Aluminum Frame Truss Structure For Korla Gymnasium

The Korla Stadium is a truss structure, 31.5 meters long, 48 meters wide, with a floor area of 1512 square meters. The truss structure is an "empty girder" composed of a number of small cross-section members. It is a statically determinate structure. Because its section can be made very high, it has a large flexural capacity, and the deflection is small, which can be suitable for a larger span than the full web beam, so it has the characteristics of saving material, small deadweight, not bulky.

I. Steel Truss Introduction

The steel roof truss is one of structural engineering most important elements.

The arched truss system takes advantage of structural engineerings most simple shapes, the triangle.

Therefore, steel truss structure has high bearing capacity.

frame truss railway station

II. Material Grade

1.Carbon structural steel: Q235

2.High-strength structural steel :Q345

3.Special purpose steel truss structure

steel truss structure train station

III.The Production Process of Steel Truss

In order to guarantee the construction period and provide product quality, 

the production of pipe truss needs to go through the following technological process:

Material preparation - Joining together beforehand - Welding - Correct - Blasting derusting - Spraying

roof trusses system

IV. Steel characteristics 

1.Environmental protection 

2.Higher reliability of steel work

3.Strong quakeproof

4.Higher degree of industrialization

5.Quick to be assembled accurately

6.Larger interior space

steel truss

V. Steel Truss Building Construction Specification

①Steel Truss Advantages

1.Long span


3.Reduced deflection (compared to plain members)

4.Opportunity to support considerable loads.

MaterialMild Steel; Stainless Steel
CoatingSpray Painting; Galvanization;Powder Coated
ColorBlue; Green; Darkgray; Client's Request
Steel codeQ235-B; Q345-B; Stainless steel
FabricationAdvanced Automatic Welding Machines
Quality controlGB/T19001-2000----ISO9001:2000
Advantages1.Stable and Aesthetic
2.Structure is durable for 50years
3.Fast and easy to install
4.Extensive Applications: Storage, Warehouse, Exhibition Hall,Terminal Building, Stadium, Theater, Special-shaped Buildings, etc
5.High anti-rust performance
6.Flexible composition: Doors and Day-lighting roof could be  installed at any position

Steel Curved Truss Railway Station Roof

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