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Principle to be followed in modern steel structure design

1>Stability calculation of modern steel structures

In the design process of modern steel structure, whether it is single-storey frame structure or multi-storey frame structure, designers often do not analyze the stability of the frame,but only carry out the stability calculation of the frame column. Even if the stability calculation of the frame column is carried out, the frame must be analyzed integrally.On the basis of the calculating the length of column calculation(at this time the length of column calculation is equivalent to the calculation of frame stability),but in practical operation, because of the wide variety of frame structure,if each frame structure is calculated, it will waste a lot of manpower,material and financial resources, in order to impove the efficiency of calculation as much as possible.It si necessary to set certain typical conditions.

2. The stability principle of modern steel structure

In order to ensure the stability of modern buildings, the stability of the whole buildings system and the components of the building must be taken into consideration in the process of modern steel structure design. Although modern steel structures are eventually biult up with modern macroscopically three-dimensional buildings,the modern steel structue is basically based on the plane.

3.The structural calculation of modern steel structure must be unified with structureal design.

The unification of structural calculation and structural design of modern steel structure is oa problem that every steel structure designer must pay close attention to at any time.In particular,the constrcution of fine parts in modern steel structures and the calculation if structural stability must be absolutely coordinated.Only in this way can the stability of the whole steel structure be guaranted.

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