2019-02-18 13:33:27

What You Need to Know About Skylights?

Skylights are overhead windows, usually on the roof, allowing sunlight to filter in any enclosed area; for daytime lighting solutions, skylights are a good choice for natural light. Skylights are usually covered with translucent or transparent materials to allow light to pass through and to prevent extreme weather conditions. Skylights are a good way to let more light enter your home through a flat or inclined window with a roof structure for daylighting. Adding skylights can open almost any room immediately, make it lighter and brighter, increase the feeling of sunshine and ventilation.

Skylights have many styles and designs. They can be oblong skylights, elliptical skylights, dome skylights or any strange shape. When you see rain falling from your head, they may be the most beautiful way to enjoy the rain. Windows can't reproduce the dramatic and magic that skylights add to your house. These are like God's own TV screens! In addition, skylights usually have more light than windows and are a good substitute for artificial lighting.

Skylights have been used in houses and other buildings since ancient times. They will never be out of date. Skylights are often found in old churches. They add warmth and charm to the gloomy interior. Skylights are often used in modern buildings. Many modern shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants and other large public places use skylights to illuminate public areas.

Of course, before installing skylights in residential and other buildings, careful assessment must be made to see which type of skylights is most suitable, taking into account specific requirements and how to install skylights in order to improve energy efficiency of residential or building. In the United States, you can find skylights with energy-saving labels that tell you the minimum energy performance rating by climate. The physical size of the skylight will also greatly affect the Lux level and temperature of its use space. For rooms with more windows, it is suggested that the size of skylight should not exceed 5% of the building area. For rooms with fewer windows, it is suggested that the size of skylight should not exceed 15% of the total building area.

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