2019-01-24 11:44:56

What Is Steel Structure Made Up Of?

Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate. Silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other anti-rust technologies are adopted. Weld, bolts or rivets usually adopts the connection between the components or parts. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large-scale factory buildings, venues, super high-rise and other fields.

   The characteristics of steel structure include its high material strength and light weight. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of density to yield strength is relatively low. Therefore, under the same loading conditions, the steel structure has small section, light weight, easy to transport and install, and is suitable for structures with large span, high height and load-bearing capacity. Secondly, steel has good toughness, good plasticity, uniform material and high reliability. It is suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load and has good seismic performance. The internal structure of steel is homogeneous and nearly isotropic. The actual working performance of steel structure is in accordance with the calculation theory. So the reliability of steel structure is high. Finally, the steel structure construction demolition will hardly produce construction waste, steel can be recycled and reused. So steel structure has the characteristics of low carbon, energy saving, green environmental protection and reusable.

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