2019-01-24 13:18:38

How To Choose Wood ,Steel Frames Or Steel Trusses?

When choosing wood, steel frames or steel trusses for your toolroom, you need to pay attention to the following points. These considerations include many factors, such as the location of your toolbox, exposure to certain environmental and climatic conditions, and your budget. But whether you choose wood or steel, you can rest assured that you will buy a high-quality house to meet your family's needs.

Don't bother me.

Selection between timber or steel frames sometimes boils down to considering where pests will be built. Termite damage in Australian households costs millions of dollars a year to repair. A steel frame and truss kit provides additional termite protection. No termite in the world can eat steel! If you live in a termite-infested area, steel is the best choice for your home.

Although the wood used in a complete house is of high quality and is always properly treated and sealed, it is sensitive to water. Steel frames can never warp, shrink, crack or distort due to dampness.

I can handle it.

Many people choose to build their own supporting houses in order to reduce labor costs. The steel frame has been perforated and is light in weight and does not require chemical treatment like wood. Owners who decide to build their own toolkits find these functions important because they make work easier.

One of the great advantages of steel structure is that steel beams are not as heavy as wood. However, although steel is lighter in weight, it is stronger than wood. When you live in windy areas, steel frames and trusses provide additional weather protection.

Steel is also recommended for areas where wildfires often occur or where fire threats are high. A wooden house is likely to catch fire quickly, and once it does, it will cause extensive damage. Steel-framed buildings are more resistant to fire than wood-framed buildings and suffer less damage.

Don't forget the wood.

Despite all the advantages of using steel as a frame and truss, houses built of wood also have advantages. Wood costs less than steel, so when termites or extreme weather are not a problem, wood is a good choice. Wood is also a versatile building material. You can easily design any floor plan or house style with wood.

Therefore, when choosing timber or steel frame and truss for your tool room, I need to consider some internal and external factors comprehensively. Only by choosing the right one can it reflect its value.

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