2019-03-15 16:13:36

Advantages of Dome Skylight for Home

 In life, dome skylights often provide many advantages for owners. Because they are light, they hardly need maintenance. If you live in extreme temperatures, they are the best choice for skylights because they keep energy transfer to a minimum. Of course they can be purchased as a single, double, or triple dome, but if you're looking for energy efficiency, you should only consider a double or triple dome.

 Dome skylights are suitable for any roof, including flat roofs. In fact, because of the "self-cleaning" characteristics of domes, they are very suitable for flat roofs because they can drain quickly. Usually, the height of the dome is about 25% of the width of the skylight, which makes water flow out of the surface quickly.

 The ability to collect light from multiple angles is another advantage of a dome skylight, unlike a flat skylight that allows only direct light to enter. If lighting is the main problem, then a transparent acrylic dome is the best choice. If you're looking for a milder lighting effect, white or bronze acrylic domes are the best choice, especially for light-sensitive people. White or bronze skylights soften the light entering the room and tend to eliminate glare.

 Finally, one of the advantages of the dome skylight is that its shape is much stronger than that of the plane skylight. Plastic plates usually have greater expansion and shrinkage trends, which may lead to early failure of materials.

Generally speaking, the choice of dome skylight will depend on your personal needs, but generally speaking, if you are looking for a skylight with energy efficiency, lighting capacity and life, it will be one of the best choices.

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