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NDRC: China will enhance foreign capital confidence in five ways

Wu Hongliang, deputy director of the foreign investment division of China's national development and Reform Commission, said in Beijing 17 days ago that in order to cope with the spread of the global epidemic, Investment China will take measures to enhance its confidence in long-term development in China.

The national development and Reform Commission recently released the relevant proposals on further deepening reform and improving foreign investment projects. work Of notice " Wu Hongliang pointed out that documents can be carded in five ways:

First, actively helping foreign investment projects and foreign investment. enterprise Resume work and resume production. Put forward classified guidance measures for different stages of projects and key enterprises, and actively solve them. industry Chain collaboration.

Second, we should step up efforts to promote major foreign investment projects. In particular, we must strengthen the reserves of major foreign investment projects. manufacturing industry High technical service Major foreign-funded projects shall be included in the special class coordination scope of major foreign investment projects according to established procedures. At the same time, we should do a good job in promoting and coordinating major foreign investment projects, and give policy support at the national level and local level. The key provinces and cities should establish and improve the special foreign investment projects at the local level. mechanism

Third, reform foreign investment projects. Administration 。 We should improve the degree of facilitation of foreign investment projects and implement the notification filing and online processing in an all-round way. Simplifying the approval procedures for foreign investment projects, canceling five types of annexes, and implementing non meeting procedures, can not be accepted during the epidemic period. Optimizing and encouraging foreign funded projects Imported equipment duty-free The confirmation procedures should be abolished, the procedures under the provincial level should be abolished, the enterprises should be declared and various ways should be adopted to ensure the accelerated handling of the epidemic situation. We should improve the supervision afterwards.

Fourth, implementation Negative list To expand the scope of encouragement. While implementing the negative list of foreign investment, we will start a new round of revision of the list of industries to encourage foreign investment, focusing on promoting high manufacturing industries. quality Developing and giving play to the Midwest and Northeast China Industrial transfer The potential to further expand the scope of encouraging foreign investment.

Fifth, do well in investment protection and service Work includes strengthening the rights and interests of foreign investment projects. Foreign enterprise Visit services and so on.

Wu Hongliang said China has a strong domestic market. market Complete industrial system, abundant human resources, sound infrastructure, and constantly Improve Of Business environment And so on, all these are attracting foreign investment and retaining them. stock Attract more incremental advantages.

He stressed that with the gradual improvement of China's epidemic prevention and control situation, enterprise production and people's living order gradually resumed. Investment Law The full implementation of the policy includes the implementation of policy measures such as "stable foreign capital 11," and foreign-funded enterprises are expected to be more stable, and confidence in long-term development in China will also be further enhanced. (end)

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