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LOFT steel structure partition board construction scheme

1:First ,according to the objective results of the house,determine the direction of the main steel beam.Generally, the short side of the room is the main beam direction, and the main beam is 12# chanel steel to connect with the short side wall. However,in some main locations, such as below the second-floor bathroom,and in places with large spans, 12# I-beam should be used as the main beam,because the structural load-bearing and torsional resistance of I-beam is stronger.Horizontal distance is less than or equal to 800-900mm.

2.Auxiliary beam:5*50 angle steel should be used and welded vertically to the mian beam (note that the surface of the two is at the same level).Control the horizontal distance of angle steel less than or equal to 500-600mm.

3.The interface used for the main beam and auxiliary beam must be welded, all steel must be fully brushed with anti-rust paint before construction.

4.The bathroom part requires reinforced concrete cast-in-situ.The main beam of this part is recommended to used 12# I-bream,with a small amount of angle steel accessories interspersed in the middle,and then the 10# threaded steel bar is welded into a small cross grid and welded with the main beam

and the auxiliary beam , and then use concrete cast,waterproof layer, cement screed layer,heatstroke layer and tile layer.

5.Other parts of the steel structure layer:drying ridges fixed(to be fixed with stainless steel screw perforation)at the same time and the top part of the layer can be closed with gypsum board,filled woth sound insulation cotton in the steel structure compartment, and finally a layer of 18mm LOFT floor slabs was coverd on the second floor ridges.At the time,LOFT partition slabs were basically completed.


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