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Guidelines for Choosing and Purchasing Seismic Steel Buildings

First, steel structure residential buildings have strong seismic resistance. The most common architectural forms of residential buildings include steel structure, frame structure and brick-concrete structure. Among them, steel structure residential building has the strongest seismic resistance, followed by frame structure and brick-concrete structure.

Second, understand the quality of building materials. Residential seismic performance depends mainly on the quality of building materials, including steel tensile strength, structural columns, core columns, girders and other components of different requirements, will affect the seismic performance of buildings. Because the anti-seismic facilities of houses are concentrated in the shear walls, beams and floors of concrete structures, buyers can know more about these aspects of houses if they have the conditions. In acceptance of houses, some suggestions can be referred to as follows: 1. Check whether cracks occur at the joints of beams and columns; if so, the cracks should not be greater than the thickness of a business card; 2. Reinforcement bars should not be exposed at the structure; 3. Water seepage should not occur on the walls of basements of buildings; 4. Pay attention to whether concrete is smooth and cracked. If problems are found, the constructor should be allowed to repair them in time.

Thirdly, the seismic resistance of jump-storey, double-storey and staggered-storey households is weak. According to the household layout, the seismic performance of vertical wall is poor, while that of transverse wall is better. Although jump-storey, double-storey and staggered-storey houses have incomparable advantages in comfort and aesthetics of living, from the aspect of seismic capacity, flat-storey houses have the best seismic resistance, and low-storey houses are stronger than high-rise houses. For example, the seismic resistance of office buildings is weaker than that of ordinary low-rise residential buildings. Many offices in the office buildings have small proportion of the wall. At present, most office buildings use large area window design for lighting, which reduces the area of the wall accordingly.

Fourth, check whether the house “certificates” are complete. Whether the developer can provide the relevant documents such as Housing Quality Assurance Certificate and Housing Use Instruction for commercial residential buildings? In these documents, the safety performance of buildings including earthquake resistance and seismic resistance will be explained in detail. In addition, checking the relevant acceptance procedures of development and construction units is also the simplest and most effective way for buyers to inspect the seismic performance of houses.

Fifth, home decoration should pay attention to earthquake prevention. In recent years, the room decoration is in the ascendant, but at the same time, some phenomena of neglecting earthquake prevention have arisen, such as smashing the load-bearing wall. Generally speaking, if a household on the first floor demolishes the load-bearing wall in a large area, the seismic performance of the building will be weakened and the load stress will be abnormal. If a magnitude 8 earthquake occurs at this time, the building will be very large. Overall collapse may occur.

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